At TriVersa, we make it a priority to work closely with our clients towards delivering the outcomes they seek. We are passionate about efficiency and effectiveness as the end value of innovative technologies.

Working in some cases with partners, we have engaged and delivered for clients in various industries including Banking, Telecoms and Public sector. Examples are:

We developed and maintained for Art House a cloud-friendly auction price calculator solution for near-real-time auction price display, analysis and recording services.

We implemented Electronic Fraud and Enterprise Case Management solutions to reduce the impact of electronic fraud on banking operations as well as to stay compliant with regulation.

Working for NDIC, we developed a platform to assist authorities in conducting quick and orderly bank failure resolution prompt depositors and other creditors pay-outs, especially in situations where explicit or implicit National Deposit Insurance System (NDIS) is in place.

Examples of critical workflow steps supported by the platform include failed bank setup, statement of affairs management, accounts amalgamation and set-off, failure resolution, pay-out management, investigation, litigation and prosecution, failed bank data analytics and reporting.

In line with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Act and regulatory requirements, we assisted in implementing effective end-to-end solutions that include capabilities such as Transaction Monitoring, Watchlist Screening, Onboarding/Customer Due Diligence, Case Management, and Reporting.

Over the years, we have been responsible for maintaining and enhancing MTN’s Enterprise Resource (ERP) Platform. Our responsibilities include the development and support of the core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform as well as daily systems management and extensions. The platform is used by over 1000 staff members daily for servicing customer needs, trading partners, procurement, and retail. We are also responsible for the configuration, enhancement, and integration of the platform in line with our client’s business priorities.

Furthermore, we have significant expertise around the following ERP capabilities: Financials (Payables & Receivables), Ledger management, Project Management, Retail and Distribution (Order fulfilment, Inventory, supply chain and logistics).