MTN NIGERIA | Managing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

MTN GOAL: MTN needed a robust Enterprise-wide Resource Planning and Management platform to improve bottom-line profitability, operate more efficiently, reduce cost, and increase profit.

BRIEF: Over the years, we have been responsible for provisioning and maintaining the Enterprise Resource (ERP) Platform at MTN. Our responsibilities include development and support of MTN’s core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform based on IFS, as well as daily systems management and extensions. The platform is used by over 1000 staff daily for servicing customer needs, trading partners, procurement, and retail. We are also responsible for configuration, enhancement, and integration of the platform in line with business priorities.
Our ERP capabilities include:
  1. IFS Financials (Payables & Receivables)
  2. IFS Project Management
  3. IFS Retail
  4. Distribution (Order fulfilment, Inventory, supply chain and logistic)
  5. Technical Service & Repair
  6. eMRF/TAS module.

DELIVERY APPROACH: Phased deployment based on 6 months delivery cycle.

NDIC | Failed Banks Management Platform

NDIC GOAL: Delivery of a Failed Banks Management platform, underpinning 3 of the 4 mandates of the NDIC. Ensuring failed financial institutions are resolved in a timely and efficient manner including settling liabilities to creditors and sale of company assets.

BRIEF: Assisted the NDIC to implement and configure a new failed bank depositors management platform, upon which millions of depositors' records are held and managed in relation to a failed or failing financial institution. Typical records processed includes personal information, contact details, banking transactions, and payment history.
The platform supports liquidation procedures and workflows especially those involved in the orderly and efficient closure of the failed institutions; with minimum disruption to the banking system of Nigeria. It particularly underpins how cost-effective realisation of assets and settlement of claims to depositors, creditors and where possible, shareholders are realised in an efficient and value maximisation framework.

We assisted NDIC to develop a comprehensive solution towards protecting depositors; fostering monetary stability; promoting an effective and efficient payment system as well as debt recovery and prosecution management services

DELIVERY APPROACH: 6 months phased delivery cycle.

Zenith Bank | Bank-wide Fraud Prevention & Detection Platform

Zenith Bank GOAL: Assisted the bank to implement a bank-wide e-fraud detection and prevention management platform - involving near-real-time inspection of millions of transactions per second and managing fraudulent cases through the case management platform.

BRIEF: Assisted Zenith Bank to put in place an inspection and investigation system to analyse millions of customer transaction records against fraud patterns. We provided a system to detect fraud activities, inform customers, and block future fraud opportunities across millions of customer records.
We assisted Zenith Bank to develop a comprehensive solution towards complete data management, data inspection, and validation as well as data quality update. In particular, we assisted in building and implementing customer fraud detection algorithms, data validating routines, data consolidation and update. Over 300 million customer records are checked and validated daily.

DELIVERY APPROACH: Phased deployment based on 4 months delivery cycle.