Business Automation solution

As your business evolves from serving internal needs in support of efficiency and cost control targets to engaging with customers and creating new business opportunities, it is important to leverage technology-enabled automation in support of the business outcomes you desire.

Getting business automation right for your business will involve alignment of Business Process Management(BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRM), leveraging modern application development technologies. With automation technologies, we aim to achieve two things: prompt solution delivery and quality assurance.

We are also about streamlining your business for simplicity, achieving digital transformation, increasing service quality and or improving service delivery. We are skilled in automating both simple and complex business processes.

Outlined below are the solution areas we can assist you with:

Business Process Modelling

This is the activity of representing your enterprise, so that current processes may be analysed, improved, and automated. At TriVersa, BPM is typically performed by our business analysts, who have expertise in the modelling discipline as well as matter specific to your domain. BPM is a vital step in both planning and deriving the right automation outcome you seek.

Front and Back office automation

At TriVersa, we leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this is one of our main business automation technologies for labour-intensive and repetitive tasks with a virtual workforce, using Artificial Intelligence.
RPA supports both the back- and front-office automation we deliver for clients, especially when combined with advancements in AI, big data, speech recognition technologies, machine learning, and deep neural networks.

Business Process as a service

For specific business domains where we have gained significant expertise in operations and services, we offer a solution called Business Process-as-a Service (BPaaS). BPaaS is a complete solution package offered as a cloud service provision, to enable business process outsourcing (BPO) over a cloud computing service model. The objective of our BPO services is to reduce labour expenses and operate the services at a far more efficient level to our customers.

Business Process Integration

When implementing Business Process Integration at TriVersa, we typically follow the following five steps:

  1. Identify the business processes that need to be integrated.
  2. Document the process for review and agreement by all stakeholders.
  3. Leverage collaborative process models towards process integration validation and modification.
  4. Implement integration points leveraging agile techniques as well as push data through the integration to further validate for completeness and correctness.
  5. Provide continuous monitoring and improve integration points as needed.