Enterprise Intelligence Solutions

The intelligence to aid decision making in your organisation is critical. An intuitive business intelligence solution integrated within your Sage business management system will help business users reduce time spent on analysis and reporting, ultimately making faster and better-informed decisions. It empowers all users with a simple solution to access and analyse data in a self-sufficient manner, which eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialized skills and can reduce decision time.

Outlined below are the solution areas we can assist you with:

Enterprise Architecture

Over the years, TriVersa has supported many enterprises towards gaining TOGAF Enterprise Architecture maturity (level 3) as well as having assisted them as they ensure their IT spending underpins Business strategy and goals; compliance with regulatory requirements, support value optimisation and cost reduction by enabling faster, smarter projects. This in turn accelerates time to market by facilitating common approaches, standards, and practices. Ultimately shifting IT spending from temporary stop-gap projects to strategic.

Enterprise Resource Planning

One of the most effective ways of achieving efficiency and effectiveness in business operations and services is by investing in IT systems that consolidates every major aspect of your business together into one common solution framework. No other system does this better than ERP Systems. A major benefit of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system when implemented well is that it can be the catalyst for turning a disorganized firm into streamlined, sustainable and flexible market leader - providing increased value to stakeholders and ensuring realisation of profitability and growth agenda.

The value of Enterprise Resource Planning solution is best measured against the following:

  1. Its capability in converting disorganised organisation and channelling it into a process efficient organisation.
  2. Its ability to make relevant information promptly accessibility, thereby saving time in conducting business.
  3. The level at which it can significantly reduce waste at every part of the production chain, especially as it helps to analyse resources are wasted or process could be sharpened.

Others include reduced operating cost, increased productivity, and belter management of customer relationship.

Enterprise Risks Management

An effective Enterprise Risk management solution must include capabilities to support the following: Establishment of context, risk identification, analysis, assessment, and evaluation, furthering this it must include risk mitigation, monitoring, communication, and consultation. Choosing and embedding the right enterprise risk management solution for your company requires a great deal of intricacies, such as types enterprise risks to be assessed, the operating environment and thresholds to be measured. We can assist you on this journey and welcome the opportunity to further engage on it.

Enterprise Decision Management (EDM)

Enterprise Decision Management offers your enterprise the opportunity to lift performance in many areas of operations, especially when business processes involve ever changing, high volume and complex decisions.

EDM builds on existing systems and pulls new value from current information technology. The key elements of EDM – the automated efficiencies of business rules management, the deep insights into customer behaviour of predictive analytics and the extreme precision of strategies optimized through decision analytics – can be layered onto existing systems incrementally. With each layer comes step-function increases in performance.

Let us assist you in putting together a robust and effective EDM solution.